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Ability to monitor and maximize quality

In order to monitor and maximize quality, BAI Task Managers are trained in program and task management, cost estimation and budgeting, personnel selection and assignment and quality assurance measures. In order to assist task managers with monitoring programmatic and quality control issues, tools and resources are streamlined to ensure task managers have ready access to corporate support staff and senior management.  The goal is to minimize risk by coupling BAI’s streamlined management structure with recognized professional administrators with the authority to make a difference.  BAI will take the approach of working directly with its Government clients– not for BAI.  BAI task managers have consistently been cited for outstanding performance and superior quality managing contracts totaling more than $20 million dollars, with individual contract tasks numbering in the tens of thousands.

BAI will monitor and ensure effective and successful support to all task orders by ensuring all contract employees have a firm grasp on three critical issues.

1.  Performance standards, mission, and operating environment of the client.
2.  Standards of Performance and Conduct (SPC).
3.  Conducting issue and problem resolution.

BAI will provide an in-depth orientation and overview of the organization’s operating environment, the mission of each individual office and their interaction, applicable standard procedures including security indoctrination, and the specific individual office guidelines as appropriate.  This orientation will be required for all employees upon initial hiring and annually thereafter.  Additionally, BAI will publish this orientation to allow the employee a personal copy for on-site review when necessary.

“Standards of Performance and Conduct” (SPC) will be developed, coordinated with the client and tailored by the Task Manager and the Deputy Task Manager for presentation to each employee upon assignment. This SPC will include the appropriate corporate personnel and security policies and be acknowledged by the employee in writing when initially assigned and annually there after.

To maximize quality, BAI task managers are experienced in using quality control plans that are tailored to meet the clients’ needs.  This ensures that the task manager can successfully monitor the performance of the contract and its mission and immediately identify issues and resolve problems.

BAI’s Quality Assurance (QA) Program