Employee Testimonials

BAI creates the ideal environment within which young, motivated professionals can build rewarding, performance-driven careers. The company manages to strike that difficult balance between the flexibility and entrepreneurial spirit that allow employees to open new doors and the structure and process that enable them to move forward. BAI senior leadership has built an organization and a management team that position employees to excel, while also maintaining the small business culture that supports advancement based on performance rather than where an individual sits in the organization. The result is that employees have the opportunity to drive their own careers and chart their paths to success.

-Steve G. BAI Employee since 2006

Enjoying my job as a contractor for the Federal Government has always been a function of finding that “sweet spot” between a great contracting company who is supportive and provides great benefits with a government lead office that is challenging and provides a good work environment.  I’m very fortunate to have found both through BAI.  I appreciate the feeling of security and support that BAI offers their employees and I’m blessed that they’ve placed me in an office that pushes me to grow professionally while preserving a “office family” mentality.

-Sharon L. BAI Employee since 2011 

BAI provided me the opportunity to work for one of the most interesting departments in the country at a historically interesting time.  My experiences thus far have more than equipped me to become an innovative problem solver, while learning from some of the best in the field as I continue along my professional path.

– Joy S. BAI Employee since 2011

I have been with BAI since 2002 and have advanced from an administrative assistant to a project manager.  BAI is a company that has a strong focus on benefits and they truly care about their employees. I was able to use the Education Assistance Program to complete my degree and advance in my career.

– Lisa M. BAI Employee since 2002

BAI’s benefits package exceeds any other company’s I’ve been with. In an environment where companies have to adapt, BAI is always looking after its employees to provide them with an excellent benefits package.

– Khanh H. BAI Employee since 2010